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Ho.Me (dancefilm)

Created: 2019
Length: 7:52
Videographer/ Editor: Gemma Crowe
Choreographer/ Director: Carolina Bergonzoni
Performers/ Collaborators: Harmanie Rose, Peggy Leung and Matthew Chyzyk
Composer: Alex Mah

Ho.Me explores themes of belonging, comfort and discomfort in relation to the notion of inhabiting the body. The piece is comprised of three portraits of individuals who exist in different bodies but are linked by a certain narrative. The three performers move through solo material in the private, intimate space of their homes, and eventually become an ensemble in the formal setting of an art gallery, building a connection that speaks to togetherness. Ho.Me revels in the beauty of difference and the universality of the body; it highlights the relationship between the body and the self and the creative possibilities of the body.


Available with audio description.

Supported by City of Vancouver Project Grant and  F-O-R-M commissioned artist. 

On screen are three domestic scenes next to each other. On the left, a dancer wearing a yellow shirt and black pants, stands barefoot and head bowed in his living room, a large ornate mirror in the background above a couch. In the middle, a standing dancer wearing a blue sleeveless dress, with long black hair cascading down her back on one side, is in profile in her sunny kitchen. She is watching one hand on top of the other hand in front of her. In the third section a dancer in her living room sits in her manual wheelchair, one hand firmly on the wheel rim. She’s looking up and smiling, her long blond hair flowing down the front of a bright emerald green tunic. The wheelchair dancer turns to face the camera and the text Ho.Me appears in large semi-opaque lettering over top of the image. All three are now facing the camera, and all lunge one arm towards the viewer, then to one side, backwards, side, upwards, forward, down, forward. “A Short Dance Film” The panels move to the left, only the panel with the wheeled dancer remaining to take up the full screen, the dancer slowly rotating to face away from the viewer. “All Bodies Dance”



· VIDEOBOX, presented as part of Interfaccia Digitale/Hangartfest: Pesaro, Italy

· Smithers BVCA Film Screening

· SFU Arts Live, Surrey



· DAES Conference, online

· Cinema Spectacular: Vancouver

· Vancouver Art Gallery - Outdoor

· Crimson Coast Dance (presented by Made in BC): Nanaimo

· Access Festival - The Gathering Place: Vancouver

· Collingwood Neighbourhood House Artist Talks: Vancouver

· PushOff: Vancouver



· Disability Together Film Festival: UK

· University of British Columbia & KickStart: Vancouver, BC

· Dance in Frame: Event organized by VocalEye, Vancouver

· Dancing On The Edge: Vancouver

· Interfaccia Digitale/Hangartfest: Pesaro, Italy (Juried festival. Finalist)

· Moving Images videodance festival: Nicosia, Cyprus

· Wild Dogs International Screendance Festival: Calgary, Alberta

· 2020 The Lift-Off Sessions Pinewood: Iver, United Kingdom

· Dancing On The Edge: Vancouver



· Festival Of Recorded Movement: Vancouver

· Magic & Remembering: Vancouver

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