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In Schools

Two dancers perform in front of a large audience of children in a school gymnasium.

A photo of a school gymnasium, with basketball nets against the walls and colourful lined marks on the floor. There are several dozen kids and a few teachers, sitting in a semi circle, watching two dancers in the foreground. The dancers are both light-skinned and wearing red pants and dark grey ABDP t-shirts. Adam Warren is using a sleek manual wheelchair, his arms outstretched and grasping the big wheels, the small wheels are in the air in a wheelie. He is concentrating on a spot on the floor to his side. Carolina is right beside Adam, balancing almost on her toes, legs and spine bent, one arm reaching forward, the other backward, almost as though she was running and stopped quickly. She’s facing down and watching the same spot on the ground in front.

ADPD seeks to explore movement as a means of creative expression and to widen the spectrum of who dances and what dance can be. By bringing together artists with and without disabilities, our practice challenges the idea of the “normal” body, while changing perceptions about disability. EveryBODY can dance, and ALL BODIES have something to say! By bringing our unique dance form to new audiences, we hope to spark conversation and consideration about the power of dance to communicate and what meaningful inclusion can look like.

Workshops for K-12


Dance for EveryBODY is a fun celebration of diversity, difference, and the power of dance. This workshop engages students in activities, exercises, and conversations designed to uncover what each unique dancing body has to say. Addressing themes of communication, expression, and community, Dance for EveryBODY uses foundational skills in contemporary dance and improvisation. Students will create and perform their own pieces of choreography as a means to explore their individual creativity and develop new appreciation for others.             
This workshop can be tailored to connect to classroom themes or curriculum ideas.   


School Show K-12


See & Be Seen exposes audiences to diversity, difference and the power of dance. This show engages viewers in activities, demonstrations and conversation that will leave them considering inclusion in a new way. Performed by a cast of dancers with and without disabilities, the performance challenges the idea of the "normal body," and addresses themes of communication, accessibility and inclusion.   


Professional Development for Teachers


Learn how to integrate movement into your classroom in creative and accessible ways. Discover strategies for engaging all students, including people with disabilities. Teachers will learn basic movement facilitation skills that can enhance students’ creativity, promote inclusion and instil confidence. Particular focus is on using inclusive language and encouraging embodied ways of understanding and learning. Suitable for educators of all grade levels.

For inquiries and booking requests please contact:

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