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Ready Dance Youth Project




Sundays 12:30 to 2pm
April 7 - May 5, 2024

Photo credit: Shelby Tay A photo of a group of youth dancers in various poses in a bright studio space. In the foreground a dancer with light skin and short dark hair wearing a red t-shirt, white shorts, green socks and a blue face mask looks into the camera. The dancer has one leg lifted up while holding hands to hips, elbows pointing out like wings. The other dancers are all caught up in their own moments, and fill the space with movement and energy.

About the Class

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Ready Dance is a project for youth with and without disabilities ages 15-30 years old. These classes explore contemporary dance, improvisation, and choreography in a fun and creative environment. Participants experience the joy of moving, making and performing in an inclusive space where individuality and diversity are celebrated. No experience necessary.

Sundays 12:30-2pm 

April 7 - May 5, 2024

The Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre

181 Roundhouse Mews (Pacific & Davie St.)

Registration Open: now

Registration Link:

For more information: or call 604-713-1800.

Accessibility information:

  • The Roundhouse is a physically accessible building 

  • All genders, single stall washrooms 

  • ASL interpretation is available upon request

  • Participants who require one-to-one support must provide their own assistant.

  • COVID-19: Masks are strongly recommended

  • *Please note these classes are scent-reduced and participants are asked to refrain from wearing perfumes, colognes or scented products.  Learn more here. Fragrance Free Products Master List

ID: This short video opens to a split screen, with black and red sections on the left, with black on the right and the text “Ready Dance Youth Project: Inclusive and accessible”. Wide doors open into a brightly lit community centre dance studio with several dancers standing together. The remainder of the video consists of vignettes of different dancers interacting in the studio: a few dancers surround another, all holding pieces of brown paper overhead; someone tears a large piece of brown paper; several dancers change places; a dancer jumps up and down, patty-caking their hands out forward; two dancers, connected with their arms, swirl around one another and release; a dancer lays on their back on the floor, holding a small snare drum; 4 or 5 dancers are all stretching in unison; a dancer turns around while focusing on their hands; several dancers on the floor, drawing with markers while someone plays an acoustic guitar in the background; closeup of someone hitting a small mallet against a pipe; three dancers are stretching their arms up high and wide; one and then another dancer sitting in the studio, talking expressively with their hands; a group of 9 dancers pose for the camera: sitting, standing, crouching, some holding crumpled white paper.

Class Welcome Package

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