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A group of dancers rehearsing in a park for The Rate of Change

A photo of eight wheelchair and standing dancers in a tree-lined park on a sunny day with a bright blue cloudless sky. One of the dancers is facing the camera, while the remaining seven are oriented away from the camera, each with one arm reaching up and over their heads. The standing dancer in the foreground is crouched down slightly, while one arm drapes across their forehead.

The Rate of Change (2022)

Created: August 2022

Directed by Naomi Brand

Performed outdoor at Trout Lake

Presented by Vines Art Festival 


The Rate of Change is a sculptural meditation on landscape, community and adaptation performed by members of All Bodies Dance Project. The piece highlights slowness as a way to attune to internal transformations, changes in shapes, shifts in spatial relationships and the beautiful diversity in the ways we each experience time.



Harmanie Rose

Candice Larscheid

Janice Laurence

Cheyenne Seary

Lesly Cazares

Dahlia Levitt

Felicity Monk

Lance Lim 

Ryland Mallari

Kadi Purru

Deborah Charlie

Martin Wong

Reed Jackson

Rachel Whitmore

Peggy Leung



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