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barbara findlay

Board Member

barbara findlay is a fat old white cisgender queer lawyer and activist with disabilities, raised working class and christian on the prairies. Her work as a lawyer for more than 45 years has focused on queer and trans rights. She has been honoured with a Q.C. (Queen’s Counsel) designation (now K.C.); with the highest honours of both the B.C. Branch and the national Canadian Bar Association; and with an honorary Doctorate of Laws from S.F.U.  barbara also does anti-oppression education and activism around racism, homophobia, transphobia, disability and sexism. 

barbara findlay
ID: a portrait photo of barbara, a white woman with blue dyed hair. She is wearing red and black thin framed glasses, and a white and black striped button up blouse. She is smiling at the camera. The background is a mahogany red colour.
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