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Inflect by Harmanie Rose and Peggy Leung as part of Discover Dance 2022 at The Dance Centr

Two dancers on a dark stage lit with blue/purple lights. The dancer on the left (Harmanie) sits in a manual wheelchair, bent forward at the waist with arms holding the front wheels and head tilted towards the viewer. She has long blond hair and is wearing a white sleeveless top and a blue face mask. The second dancer (Peggy) is balancing behind Harmanie by wrapping arms around her waist, resting her head and shoulders on the back of her wheelchair with her feet on a small wheeled platform. Peggy is wearing a brown sleeveless top, grey leggings and a blue face mask.

Magic & Remembering (2019) 


Premiere: June 1, 2019

Venue: Scotiabank Dance Centre



Choreographer: romham pàdraig gallacher

Dancers: romham pàdraig gallacher, Peggy Leung, Adam Warren

Music: Rival Consoles



Choreographer/Dancers: Harmanie Taylor and Rianne Švelnis

Videographer/Editor: Martin Borden


Clove Hitch

Choreographer: Cheyenne Seary in collaboration with dancers

Dancers: Carolina Bergonzoni, Helen Lambourne, Alana Prochuk, Cheyenne Seary, Harmanie Taylor

Music: Cris Derksen

Music Arrangement: Sherwood Seabrook



Choreographer: Carolina Bergonzoni in collaboration with dancers

Videographer/Editor: Gemma Crowe

Dancers: Mathew Chyzyk, Harmanie Taylor, Peggy Leung

Music: Alex Mah



Choreographer: Alice Sheppard in collaboration with dancers

Dancers: Danielle Peers, Alice Sheppard, John Loeppky, Harmanie Taylor

Director: Danielle Peers and Alice Sheppard

Videographer/Editor: Mike Robertson

Music: Dan Wool



Choreographer: Harmanie Rose in collaboration with Peggy Leung (Based on material from Reflections, choreographed by Sarah Lapp and Harmanie Taylor in 2016)

Dancers: Peggy Leung and Harmanie Taylor 

Music: Hauschka

Music Arrangement/Prop Construction: Shane Taylor

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