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Five dancers caught mid movement on a rooftop

Photo credit: Gemma Crowe A photo taken on top of an empty open air rooftop parkade with puddles here and there. City buildings of various kinds span the background of the image, with tree-covered mountains disappearing into misty grey cloudy sky. Five dancers (one motorised wheelchair dancer and four standing dancers) are spread out across the rooftop, with four of them in different facings along a line trailing off into the distance, and the 5th off to the side of this line. All of the standing dancers' arms are raised - curving, pointing, reaching, while the wheelchair dancer -who is the furthest away- has their arms in their lap, looking out towards the city. Each of the dancers wear different colours and types of warm clothing. The dancers closest to the viewer are partially reflected in a puddle.

It's Enough (for a rooftop)
Zine and audio edition (2020)

About the zine

During the time of COVID-19 dancers from All Bodies Dance Project gathered on the rooftop parking lot of the historic Sun Wah building in Vancouver’s Chinatown to create It's Enough (for a rooftop), a series of performances for small audiences. Over a year later, we drew on memory and archival material to revisit this work through a combination of photographs, poetic image descriptions, sounds, and collected writings from the dancers. The resulting “zine” publication serves to both commemorate a unique moment of pandemic-era dance creation and allow a wider audience to encounter the original choreographic work.

The mail-out is an experiment in alternative and accessible forms of sharing our time dancing on the rooftop.


Those who register will receive:

  • a beautiful, limited edition printed zine (via mail)

  • a captioned recording of the poetic image descriptions and rooftop soundscore (via email)

  • an accessible digital version of the zine (via email)

It’s Enough (for a rooftop): the zine mail-out edition welcomes you into the quiet, surreal atmosphere of the roof. To receive your free copy please fill out this form. If the Google form is not accessible to you, please email

A stack of zines with one open to the first page

A photo of six copies of a zine are pictured on a wood surface. Five copies are splayed out and one is open to the first page with the zine title. The image on the cover of the zine is a photo of a rooftop with a clear blue sky overhead. Someone in a yellow jacket can be seen in the mid-ground.

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