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Harmanie Rose (she/her)


Harmanie Rose is a disabled dance artist. Through her fifteen-plus years in dance, she has helped build iDance Edmonton (AB) (now known as CRIPSiE) aswell as working with All Bodies Dance Project (BC) since its inception in 2014. Harmanie has worked as a facilitator for All Bodies Dance Project, New Works, and National Access Arts Centre.  She has collaborated on dance films, including Alice Sheppard’s Inclinations, Sanctuary with Rianne Svelnis and Martin Borden, and In Place, created with Kelsie Acton thanks to the Canada Council for the Arts digital shorts grant.


Harmanie’s residency with Dumb Instrument Dance at Morrow in October 2022, The Art of Falling, researched the creative potential of falling with disabled and non-disabled bodies. Through this and future research, Harmanie wants to create reciprocal relationships through dance that deepen our understanding of our bodies and connection to people and spaces.

Harmanie Rose (she/her)
Photo credit: K Ho A portrait of Harmanie (she/her), a white person with a warm skin tone and long blond hair posing in her manual wheelchair. She is wearing a light green shirt-dress over black leggings, decorative earrings, and red lipstick. Pictured from the side, she turns her head towards the camera to smile at the viewer while she uses her hands to balance her chair on its rear wheels, lifting the casters off the ground. Her expression is playful.
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