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romham gallacher (they/them)

Accessibility Advisor

romham pàdraig gallacher is a local crip artist who’s been dancing/ performing/ scheming/ creating with the All Bodies Dance Project since 2014. For romham, dance is an ongoing process of exploring the peripheries of their ever-changing, multi-disabled body/mind; learning what new/ awkward/ beautiful creations and connections we can make with our tangled/ disagreeable/ inconvenient dancing bodies; trying to understand/ expose/ acknowledge what their place is and isn’t; bringing their insides out somehow, and mapping out then undoing and imagining different futures together.

romham gallacher (they/them)
Photo credit: K Ho A portrait of romham (they/them), a white person with cool skin tone, a full and greying beard and bright blue glasses. They are sitting in their motorized wheelchair, wearing a black cap, charcoal grey cable knit sweater with black scarf over their shoulder. They have the hint of a smile on their face and an expression of thoughtful inquiry.
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