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Near/Far (dancefilm)

Created: 2020
Editor: Gemma Crowe
Concept and Direction: Carolina Bergonzoni
Music: Sebastian Laskowski

Dancers/Contributors: Vanessa B. Mendoza, Bee Andressen, romham pàdraig gallacher, Janice Laurence, Marnie Maretic, Cheyenne Seary, Ashlee Davidson, Eileen Mackenzie, Aviva Martin, Alana Prochuk, Trina Frometa

Created with support from the City of Vancouver Project Grant

The film opens with a black screen, with white text Near/Far, then a shot of a golden coloured hardwood floor. Sunbeams spill across sections of the floor, casting long squiggling shadows as someone’s hand moves across the screen.  Text on black screen: All Bodies Dance Project There are brief glimpses of different dancers using various body parts: A hazy silhouette of someone’s hand that makes it look like they have webbed fingers. An arm scoops in horizontal waves across the screen. A vertical tattooed arm turns in space. A wheelchair dancer’s entire environment and body in greys, slowly leans backwards. Closeup of a hand moving along a hardwood floor. Someone becomes a golden silhouette. A dancer moves their body and arm in a winding arc. Socked feet dance on a hardwood floor. Hands, arms, legs, curling like elephant trunks or birds dancing in and out of view. Another wheeled dancer comes into view, all the comforts of home. Outside among trees and sky, a dancer scoops their arms upwards. Waving arms in triplicate against a brick wall, its' harsh outdoor light creating strange shapes. Closeup of a brightly lit hand casting spiralling shadows on a wall. Spooky hands, fingers reaching across along dark shadows. A busy city street at night, a dancer beckons us closer. A dancer carries a large lit electric candle in a hallway, then turns it off. Credits  Concept: Carolina Bergonzoni Edit: Gemma Crowe Music: Sebastian Laskowski Dancers / Collaborators: Alana Prochuk Ashlee Davidson Aviva Martin Bryna Andressen Cheyenne Seary Eileen MacKenzie Janice Laurence Marnie Maretic romham pàdraig gallacher Trina Frometa Vanessa B. Mendoza



· Bulkley Valley Concert Association Film Screening, Smithers

· The Scotia Dance Centre, Vancouver


· Heart of the City Festival, Vancouver

· Interfaccia Digitale/ Hangerfest: Pesaro, Italy (Juried festival. Finalist)

· MPCAS / grunt gallery, Vancouver (Juried exhibition)

· Fort Gallery, Fort Langley (Juried exhibition)

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