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A 3 x 3 grid of photos in shades of purple, blue, pink, and green. In the top and bottom three pictures are different people interacting with a floor lamp in different ways. In the centre is white text on a black background framed by photos showing people's heads with arms raised. Text: Dwell: A community dance piece by All Bodies Dance Project.


A collaboration between ABDP and the JCC Inclusion Program, DWELL is a community piece that explores the theme of “home” through movement, text, narrative, and imagery. A balance of longing and belonging, DWELL examines the ways our private lives overlap and intersect with those of our neighbours in urban living. It shares a small but powerful handful of the many unique stories a community has to tell.


Produced by Chutzpah! Festival and the JCC Inclusion Program


Concept and Direction: 

Adam Grant Warren and Naomi Brand


Collaborators and Performers: 

Aviva Martin, Ruth Stewart, Gail Rudin, Paul Leighton, Adam Grant Warren, Naomi Brand



David Berger, Alison Klein, Dahlia Levitt, Elli Tamarin, Harriette Kositsky Corda, Daniella Halperin, Julie Huber, Leslie Turner 


Sound Design: MJ Coomber


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