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Candice Marie Larscheid (she/her)

Class Assistant

Candice is an energy healer, poet, and dancer. She grew up in the beautiful nature of British Columbia and she is a strong advocate for people that are differently abled. She was born with Cerebral Palsy and has been able to design a life that champions diversity and inclusivity. She has co-facilitated All Bodies Dance Project classes on the North Shore and brings a valuable perspective. She uses movement, visualization, and opens the door to possibilities using all five senses.

Candice has been an original member of All Bodies Dance Project. She has performed in works choreographed by Naomi Brand and Carolina Bergonzoni, most notably she has performed in “See and Be Seen” (2015). She is a creator and inventor of a world where people are able to explore and create through dance, celebration and movement. 

Candice Marie Larscheid (she/her)
A photo of Candice, a person with light skin, long blond hair pulled back in a headband, and a yellow striped t-shirt. She is sitting in her motorized wheelchair in front of a multi-coloured, swirling graphic that has the look of stained glass. She is smiling wide, and the photo has a very welcoming feeling.
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